1980     Born in Miyagi, Japan
2003     B.A., Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata, Japan
2005     M.A., Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata, Japan

2013  Awarded the Fellowship of Overseas Study Programe for Artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japanese Government  ( Lives and works in U.S.A.)

2017     Awarded the Fellowship under the Pola Art Foundation Overseas Study Program ( Lives and works in Italy )

Solo Exhibitions 

2022     galleria d'arte FABER, Roma, Itary

2021     Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, Japan

2016     RIAS ARK MUSEUM OF ART, Miyagi, Japan

2015     ASAGO ART VILLAGE, Hyogo, Japan

2015     Space・S, Tokyo, Japan

2011     Space・S, Tokyo, Japan

2009     INAX Gallery2, Tokyo, Japan
2008     galleria grafica bis, Tokyo, Japan
2006     Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan

2005     PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2002     Gallery & Space AGITT, Tokyo, Japan


Group Exhibitions

2020    "PRISMA", galleria d'arte FABER, Roma, Itary

2019    "Art Fair Tokyo 2019", Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

2019    "Living Sculpture, Dead Sculpture.", Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan

2019    "14th POLA MUSEUM ANENEX Exhibition", POLA MUSEUM ANENEX, Tokyo, Japan

2018    "TRASMUTAZIONI", galleria d'arte FABER, Roma, Itary

2015    "18th DOMANI:The Art of Tomorrow" Exhibition. The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

2010    "Oxidized Reality from The Gunma Biennale for Young Artists", The Museum of Modern Art Gunma,  Japan
2010    "The International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture", Miyazaki Airport, Miyazaki, Japan ( '09)
2009    "ART COCKTAIL in Kasama", Ibaraki, Japan ( '06)

2007    "International Openair Expressions 2007 Hiki", Tokyo Denki University, Saitama, Japan

2007    "I'm here.2007", Gallery Kaiyu, Yamagata, Japan
2007    "ART COCKTAIL", Gallery Kingyo, Tokyo, Japan

2004    "Miyagi Excellent Art Exhibition", Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, Japan

2004    "Breathing Image -8 Artists-", Gallery Seiho, Tokyo, Japan

2004    "ART COCKTAIL", Yamawaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan ( '03)

2003    "Ouroboros Exhibition", Axis Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003    "Coincidence & Inevitability -6 Artists-", Gallery Seiho, Tokyo, Japan
2002    "ART COCKTAIL", Gallery & Space AGITT, Tokyo, Japan
2002    "Shiroishi Open-air Sculpture Exhibition", Miyagi. ( '01)



2024  Grand Prize in The 85th KAHOKU Art Completion

2024     Incentive Awarded in The 18th KAJIMA Sculpture Competition     

2022     Grand Prize in The 10th Asago Art Completion

2016     Awarded The new face award for Fine Arts of Miyagi

2009     Superior Prize in The 19th Fugaku Biennale
2008     Superior Prize in The 9th GUNMA BIENNALE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS 2008
2007     SemiGrand Prize in The 18th Fugaku Biennale
2005     Grand Prize in The 4th ASAGO ART VILLAGE Grand Prize Exhibition
2005     Superior Prize in Completion Works Exhibit at Tohoku Graduate School of Art and Design
2004     Superior Prize in New Art Competition of Miyagi


Tohoku University of Art and Design